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Frequently Asked Questions

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What are Glume Berg Innovations, and what do they do?

Glume Berg Innovations is a service-providing company. We provide Web Design and Development, Mobile App Development, Digital Marketing, AR/VR animation, and IOT (Internet of Things) solutions, empowering businesses to accelerate their road to success, innovation, and excellence.

What does a Web Development Company do?

A web development company helps businesses and individuals create websites and Web apps for

How much does it cost to build an application?

If you hire Glume Berg Innovations for your App Development services, the price range for a basic UI and functionality will cost you around $15.000 to $35,000.
The cost of a mid-level UI and feature application, depending on its complexity, will range from $32,000 to $50,000.
Finally, a full-fledged complex application will cost at least $75,000. The application development hourly charges currently hover around $45 – $55 per hour.

Do you outsource designing services?

No, we do not outsource design services. Our in-house experts do all of the designing. Our UI/UX designers participate in continuous learning to ensure they are always up to the mark on the best practices. Glume Berg Innovations has the best designers and compensates them well so they can enjoy doing so, and we can offer top-quality services.

What is meant by AR and VR?

AR (Augmented reality) is a tech stack that overlays the physical world with digital information, images, and text. VR (Virtual Reality) is a simulated experience that immerses the user in a completely virtual environment through a device, such as a VR headset or helmet. A person can interact with objects in virtual spaces.

How do you ensure that our website suits our brand?

We start by connecting ourselves to your brand. We try to understand your brand’s presence, tone, and identity. This information helps our design team ensure the final website reflects your brand image accurately and consistently. We also involve our clients in every stage of the design process, improvising on your feedback to ensure your exact brand vision.